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Our projects were presented by the youth/participants and/or Vepik among others
  • 2006
    • at ANU-Annual meeting 2006, Hannover: How about us? (Environment and global learning – the cooperation of the future ANU
  • 2007
    • at UN-Dekade Competence Conference Education for sustainable developments Berlin BNe

    • at EPJA training seminar and ENSA-Public Relations event “Global classroom” with federal minister Mrs. Wieczorek-Zeul epsa
    • o at the International Meeting: Young people contribute to the creation of their future in the community, March, Munich
    • at Globo_log dekade globolog

    • at Radio Bremen 4, "weltweit", as well as in Radio programs in Bamenda (Hot Cacao), Yaoundé (crtv among others)(Kamerun); and since 2009 weekly in CRTV Bafoussam/ Cameroon

  • 2008
    • at "fête de la jeunesse" contributed to the minister of youths, Yaoundé, Cameroon fete

    • at puls-study-week education orr sustainable development, Lucerne: Realization of the workshop “good governance from the bottom” at the Project-Practice, March
    • at didacta, award ceremony for the Innovation Price Sustainable Education, Stuttgart inno
    • to the representative of development cooperation Bremen, Senate of environment, construction, traffic and Europe dahl
    • to member of Parliament Hartiwg Fischer, Göttingen (2007/8) fischer
    • at Interkulturell On Tour, Evaluation meeting, Nov

  • 2009
    • in a TV-and Radio program in Dschang, Cameroon
    • at BNE-Meeting Bremen, March
    • at school without racism, SZ Blumenthal, march
    • at Churchday Bremen, May
    • bei Utamtsi, enterprise of Fair trade coffee in cooperation with Bafoussam; Bremen and others
    • At cultural festival „Der Elefant“ („The elefant“), Bremen, June elefant
    • at Roundtable conference for intercultural competences in Rome, May (NA Italy, salto youth)
    • To the Council of Integration of Göttingen, May integrationsrat

  • 2010/11
    • to the foundation „Die Schwelle“, together with youth from Cameroon, 2008-2010
    • at the project days of the HBG (Workshop Education), October
    • at the Africa exhibition 2010 and 2011 (opencity, GIZ, Bremen) as well as at the “Africa bewegt uns”-Woche (“Africa moves us”-week); in cooperation with BIZ Bremen, 2010)
    • to federal politicians as well as to parliamentary representatives in Bremen, together with youth from Cameroon, 2010-2012
    • at the national congress „WeltweitWissen“ (“Worldwide knowledge“), Saarbrücken, November 2011
    • at DM Store, within the initiative „Ideen-Initiative-Zukunft“ („ideas-initiatives-future), 2011-12

  • 2012
    • at Sustainable Congress of the Council for sustainable Development, June
    • at Blaumeier, Bremen, Juli
    • to the Bürgerschaft (council/ parliament) of Bremen, July
    • at a self-organized interactive exhibition “Leben (er)leben” (“Experience and live life”) at the HBG and the Forum Kirche, November ausstellung
    • at the school festival/Christmas festival of the HBG, December

  • 2013
    • at bridge it, by a workshop concerning consideration, moderated by Alumni, January
    • to the foundation Schwelle
    • to the council/ parliament of Bremen, December
    • at the ceremony of schoolof the HBG, December, as well as at the intercultural Festival of YOW, December

  • 2014- 2015
    • at the ceremony of school of HBG, at 2 cultural festivals at Lycée Bafoussam and others
    • during the process of guidelines after the MDGs, Bremen
    • at freiluftpoltik, Stadtjugendring Bremen
    • in the binational Radio program Youth attitude done by YOW Bafoussam
    • "In the cours of the project of YOW youths made stickers and bags. We want to pass our vision of participation and sens of community."
    • alle mensch mehr parti ordinary

  • constantly
    • o at GTZ (now GIZ), Goethe-Institute, Cameroonian Embassy in Germany, ministry of youth Cameroon, colleges, NGOs, companies, etc.( amon others international Office and Revitec of University of Bremen)

    • ... … and at many other occasions: Street festivals, markets, campaigns, competitions, visits of organizations and institutions
    • ... and in Printmedia, especially the Weserkurier Bremen


    Books/ journals/b>

      • Schmitt, Heidrun: Unsere Stimme wird gehört! Internationale Partizipation von Jugendlichen in Kamerun und Deutschland.
        In Ködelpeter/Nitschke (Hg.): Jugendliche planen und gestalten Lebenswelten. Partizipation als Antwort auf den gesellschaftlichen Wandel; Teil III: Rahmenbedingungen effizienter Partizipation. Heidrun Schmitt: Unsere Stimme wird gehört. Wiesbaden 2008, 111-125

      • Schmitt, Heidrun: "Zu begreifen, wie viel man selbst in der Welt bewirken kann" - Youth on the world.."
        In: iz3w: Erklärt umkämpft: 60 Jahre Menschenrechte , Juli/ August 2008. S.XXV

      • Drücker, Ansgar auf Basis eines Gesprächs mit Heidrun Schmitt: Das Thema Homosexualität als besondere Herausforderung während einer deutsch-kamerunischen Jugendbegegnung. In Drücker et al. (Hg.): Leitfaden Interkulturell On Tour. Kap: Umgang mit sensiblen Themen, Respekt und Toleranz, Schwalbach/Ts 2010. 204-208

      • Anna Heidrun Schmitt: Visionen verbinden – Visionen für die Zukunft – „Vision? Wer hat denn noch Visionen?“
        In Netzwerk DIVE (Netzwerk für diversitätsbewusste (internationale) Jugendarbeit): in Kap. Denkanstösse zum Thema Diversität, S. 81-91; LINK

    Further reports
    report Die Schwelle, 2008, page 1 , page 2
    report Die Schwelle, 2009
    report Die Schwelle 2010
    report Die Schwelle 2013,1 page 2 page 3


      • Nominated for the „Deutschen Innovationspreis für nachhaltige Bildung 2008“ („German Innovation Award für sustainable education 2008“).

      • It is Globo:log project and was awarded by UN-Decade “Bildung für nachhaltige Entwicklung” (“Education for sustainable development

      • Awarded by Saarländisches Umwelministerium (ministry of environment) 2011, Conference „WeltWeitWissen“

      •  Awarded by Werkstatt N, Council of sustainable developement, Quality label: Werkstatt N-Project 2012. Werkstatt N is a quality seal for excellent sustainable initiatives from Germany. Awarded by the Council of sustainable development. werkstatt


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    2. Price of DM- competition Ideen Initiative Zukunft 2011

    View article by the Alverde-Magazine (DM)

    1. Price at bridge it award 2012, January 2013 workshop addressing the topic appreciation, planned and realized by alumni, in coordination with Bridge it as visitor and award ceremony